Every day, kids and teachers are facing an uphill battle…

On average, teachers spend more than $860 of their own money per school year on supplies for students and the classroom, according to a 2023 Teacher Spending survey by Adopt a Classroom.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, reading and math scores for grades 4 and 8 have declined in Florida, and across the US, since before the pandemic…

The Florida Department of Education has identified critical teacher shortages state-wide, posing challenges to both teachers and students in 2022-2023…

Teachers and students are facing an uphill battle

How We’re Making a Difference

(and why we’re one of best education charities in St. Johns County…)

During the 2021-2022 school year, our FLY program reduced the literacy gap in letter sounds from 250% to 4%

Literacy Gap before FLY intervention 250%
Literacy Gap after FLY intervention 4%

Over 82% of donations invested directly into programs

Donations Invested Into Programs 82%

Provided more than


in school supplies to teachers for the 2022-23 school year

Why INK! Works…

(and why we’re the ONLY direct support organization to the St. Johns County School District!)

Programs with Impact

We design our programs to directly support the more than 3,200 teachers and 50,000 public school students countywide.

Bringing the community together

We recruit and organize community members to provide support through mentorship, volunteering, and donations.

Excellent return on donations

82 cents of every donated dollar goes to programs, making us one of the most transparent education charities in St. Johns County.

Transparency and Integrity

We keep track of how every dollar is spent–and encourage donors to choose specific programs they want to support.

Programs That Change Lives

As one of the oldest education charities in St. Johns County, we’ve been helping teachers and students with our growing roster of innovative programs since 1994.

INK! helps students and teachers
Ali Pressel

“Investing In Kids is OUR outstanding education foundation supporting OUR community of Saint Johns County! Investing in Kids is exceptional at elevating educators and valuing their professional expertise and dedication to youth in classrooms and learning programs throughout St. Johns County. Investing in Kids, INK! is responsible for supporting educators through multiple teacher celebrations including the annual Teacher of the Year Gala, providing classroom grants to educators, and supporting youth initiatives in various learning programs throughout our community.”

~Ali Pressel, 2021 St. Johns County Teacher of the Year

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Join prominent local businesses and philanthropic organizations in contributing precious resources to students and teachers through INK!  Find out more about our corporate sponsorships to support one of the top education charities in St. Johns County.

Our partners help students and teachers!