Our mission: To provide innovative programs and classroom resources to promote the academic success of St. Johns County public school students.

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We hold fond memories of favorite teachers. Perhaps an English teacher whose animated personality brought literary characters to life. Or a Math teacher who explained the problem in just the right way, leading to an “aha” moment. These teachers exist today and are the heart of our schools, working long after the last bell rings tutoring students, running after-school clubs and always looking for new ways to teach a lesson. There are thousands of teachers in St Johns County who work hard to maintain the standards of excellence that keep SJCSD performing at an “A” level. Each year, we hold a celebration event to recognize each school’s Teacher of the Year. Of these honorees, finalists are named and winners are chosen. At the event, one teacher is named SJCSD Teacher of the Year for the upcoming school year and to represent SJCSD in the State of Florida’s Teacher of the Year contest. The Teacher of the Year Celebration event is supported by businesses and the community who keep our award-winning school district going strong! Join us on January 17, 2019 at The World Golf Renaissance Center

Teacher of the Year


On average, teachers spend $800 of their own money on school supplies for their students and classroom. The goal of Tools 4 Schools is to lower this cost to our educators.

Tools 4 Schools is an annual county wide school supply drive held in the summer. Individuals, organizations, and businesses are encouraged to become a part of this event by becoming drop-off points, donating supplies and/or volunteering time to help sort and distribute to teachers.

In April 2012, the Bailey Group Resource Depot opened. This is a permanent location, donated by The Bailey Group, which stores the collected supplies during the Tools 4 Schools drive and throughout the year. Teachers digitally submit supply requests throughout the school year. Filling orders serves as a service learning project for students.

For more information on Tools 4 Schools, please contact Allyson Breger at (904) 547-7130 or allyson.breger@stjohns.k12.fl.us

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Investing in Kids (INK!) is the direct support organization for the St. Johns County School District. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, INK! leads efforts to directly
benefit the educators and students within the school district. Our programs and events strive to provide the tools and resources that are necessary to help each child reach their full potential. Since 1994, Investing in Kids (INK!) has led the effort to cultivate success for students and teachers through funding, initiatives, and inspiration.


INK! is the direct support organization to the St Johns County School District.


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