Take Stock in Children (TSIC)

This program offers low-income, at-risk students a college tuition scholarship, mentor, and hope of a better life.

Take Stock in Children Application Window is Now Open for 8th & 9th Graders in St. Johns County public schools!

Students in 8th and 9th grades are eligible to apply online at apply.ink-stjohns.org.

INK! is the lead agency for the statewide Take Stock in Children program within St. Johns County. Each year INK! recruits current 8th and 9th grade students attending St. Johns County public schools to participate in the TSIC program with the opportunity to earn a 2-year college scholarship. This year, INK! has 35 scholarship opportunities available to award. The deadline to apply is Saturday, March 25, 2023.

For more information, email James (Jim) Wheeler or call (904) 547-7121.

Investing in Kids (INK!) manages the Take Stock in Children St. Johns County Program

Take Stock in Children (TSIC) is a statewide non-profit organization that was established in 1995 to offer low-income, at-risk students a unique opportunity to escape the cycle of poverty through education. This program offers students a college tuition scholarship, mentor, and hope of a better life. Since 1998, INK! has been the exclusive umbrella agency for this program in St. Johns County.

In our local program, students are selected for TSIC when they are in the 7th-8th grades. Selected students for TSIC sign a contract with ink! agreeing to maintain a 2.5 GPA, stay in school and remain drug and crime free.

Once students enroll in the TSIC program they are assigned a volunteer mentor that remains with them throughout their middle and high school careers. Students are required to meet with their mentors once a week. Mentors help students in many ways including career and college exploration.

In exchange for completing this program, students receive a minimum of 60 credit hours scholarship to attend a public Florida post-secondary educational institution of their choice. To date over 24,000 children throughout the 67 counties in Florida have received this life changing opportunity.

For more information, email James (Jim) Wheeler or call (904) 547-7121.

Regions Bank Donates Laptops to St. Johns County Students

Regions Bank recently provided 24 laptops to the St. Johns County chapter of Take Stock in Children (TSIC), a nonprofit that delivers academic support and mentorship to students as early as seventh grade. In addition, associates have volunteered with the organization to provide financial wellness training for parents.

Students supported by TSIC agree to maintain a 2.5 grade-point average, graduate and remain drug and crime free. If they honor the agreement, TSIC provides scholarship assistance for two years of higher education.

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