Five Learning Years (FLY)

A program to improve children’s overall well-being and school readiness with the goal to increase graduation rates.


In an effort to prepare kids for kindergarten, FLY (Five Learning Years) was developed. FLY's Mission is to ensure all children arrive at kindergarten academically, socially, emotionally & physically ready to learn. FLY aims to prepare kids for learning success. Beginning in VPK, students are assessed for learning readiness. Those in need of intervention are placed in small groups.


We envision a holistic community endeavor coordinated by INK! leveraging organizations and resources to improve children’s overall well- being and school readiness. Success will be demonstrated by lasting improvement in academic, cognitive, social, emotional and physical domains.

In late 2012, members of the ink!’s Executive Committee met with Dr. Joyner to discuss areas of focus ink! could impact within the District. During that meeting, Dr. Joyner indicated there are children entering kindergarten unprepared. ink! began discussing how we, as an organization, could have an effect on early education and school readiness. Committee members watched the following video and began researching the topic and reaching out to community resources.

A task force meets regularly to develop a strategic plan. Prior meetings have consisted of determining what is currently being done to prepare children for kindergarten as well as what needs are not being met.

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